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‘Jeans for Refugees’  is a Johny Dar project and artistic fundraising initiative dedicated to helping refugees around the world, with all proceeds going to the International Rescue Committee.

One hundred celebrities are participating in “Jeans For Refugees’ by donating a pair of their jeans to be painted by Johny Dar.  Each pair of jeans is hand painted and being auctioned online at  Proceeds raised will be donated to the International Rescue Committee (

The official Jeans for Refugees by Johny Dar exhibition of 100 hand painted celebrity jeans is at the Saatchi Gallery in London.

24th October -30th October

Open to the public daily 10am-6pm

Free admission

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‘Jeans for Refugees’ is a global initiative facilitating innovation, communication and collaboration to raise funds for refugees worldwide.

The 100 ‘Jeans for Refugees’ are a collection of artistic expressions affirming that each human being has a unique and equal value, and a right to live in stability, safety and peace. Every life deserves a chance, and whether by contributing time, skills or resources, everyone can help to create change. We can all collaborate in some way to help the people on this shared planet of ours who urgently need support at this time.

‘Jeans for Refugees’ galvanises our celebrity culture to focus a global audience on a current humanitarian cause. 100 celebrities have donated their jeans in solidarity with the refugee situation, to be painted by Johny Dar and auctioned to raise funds for refugees worldwide. These talented individuals have achieved worldwide recognition for their work. Many have overcome great challenges to fulfill their own personal dream, which has brought them global fame and earned them an iconic status within our popular culture and global society. Celebrities are fascinating not only because of who they are and what they do, but because they are social avatars of dreams come true.

We all have dreams for the future. Refugees are faced with the unimaginable challenge of believing in their dream of a new home and new beginning, after experiencing the devastating effects of war and destruction. ‘Jeans for Refugees’ seeks to support that dream, inviting audiences to share the dream of a peaceful and harmonious world, and inspiring individual and collective action towards realising it.

To paint the ‘Jeans for Refugees’, Johny Dar applies a range of colours through original artistic techniques to express the unique personality of each celebrity, on the jeans that they have donated. His message – just as each colour in the rainbow adds to the beauty of the rainbow, so too can every individual in our global society enrich our world – if we choose to see and be that way. And that choice is up to each one of us.

“This started as a humble dream of wanting to make a difference through what I can do, on a personal level, which is painting those jeans – and the rest was only possible through the generous souls that have contributed to this project. I am honoured and humbled to be part of this, with all you beautiful beings. I would love to mention everyone by name who has helped to bring this all together but we would need a small newspaper for that, and you know who you are… thank you with all my heart. Thanks also to everyone who is here, supporting the project with their presence: Your support really means the world, and means a lot to the world, because by coming together for a common cause, great change is possible. ” Johny Dar

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We are in this together

We would like to thank all our participants who are contributing their jeans to the project.

Participants from the film, art, fashion and music industries are contributing their jeans to the project, including Albert Hammond Junior, Alicia Vikander, Anna Wintour, Audrey Tatou, Bella Hadid, Benicio del Toro, Bryan Adams, Camille, Candice Swanepoel, Cara Delevingne, Carl Cox, Carla Bruni, Cat Stevens, Catherine Deneuve, Chanel Iman, Charlotte Church, Christina Ricci, Christine Taylor, Claudia Schiffer, David Copperfield, Daniel Bruehl, Daniel Radcliffe, Dannii Minogue, Elle McPherson, Elton John, Emma Watson, Eva Herzigova, Fearne Cotton, Florence Welch, Heather Graham, Iris Berben, Isabelle Adjani, James Norton, Jamie Theakston, Jane Birkin, Jaoquin Phoenix, Jim Broadbent, Julio Iglesias, Karlie Kloss, Kate Moss, Lars von Trier, Lily Allen, Linda Evangelista, Macy Gray, Marianne Faithful, Melanie C, Minnie Driver, Nicholas Hoult, Nina Hagen, Ozzy Osbourne, Peaches, Pedro Almodovar, P!nk, Roger Waters, Ryan Gosling, Sadie Frost, Selah Sue, Sharon Osbourne, Sharon Stone, Sofia Coppola, Tinie Tempah, Tom Waits, Toni Garrn, Tuppence Middleton, Twiggy, Usher, Victoria Beckham, Vivienne Westwood, Woody Allen and many more.

7 days, 21 hours and 57 minutes.

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Collaboration for a cause

This is an artistic collaboration involving 101 talented individuals who have achieved worldwide recognition for their contributions to society in the realms of fashion, film, music, arts and sports. Each of Johny’s paintings will be an artistic expression representing the dynamic individual personality that the jeans belonged to. These 100 unique expressions and individual drops of inspiration will create a unified art collection, representing a strong wave of support for a humanitarian cause, bringing more awareness and ultimately more help to those who are suffering the current refugee crisis.

We hope that this artistic collaboration, which brings together so many extraordinary personalities and talented individuals, will not only raise funds but contribute to inspiring a world in which collaboration replaces conflict, where individual expressions are celebrated and not condemned, and in which each human being is embraced and nurtured as a unique contribution to our collective experience and global society.

Art Performance

Johny Dar will paint some of the ‘Jeans For Refugees’ as a live art performance in a refugee camp, for 7-10 days, during which time he will paint non-stop all day, highlighting the endurance and determination needed by millions of refugees seeking to complete their journey and reach their destination of a new home and beginning.  The visit to the camp will also include art workshops for refugees, using painting and games to help refugees to overcome depression, anxiety and trauma, and assisting them to apply their artistic skills and talents towards creating a bright future.


The official Jeans for Refugees by Johny Dar exhibition of 100 hand painted celebrity jeans is at the Saatchi Gallery in London

24th October -30th October

Open to the public daily 10am-6pm

Free admission

Duke Of York’s HQ, King’s Rd, London SW3 4RY

For more information please contact

Fundraiser Auction

The Jeans For Refugees Auction has begun! Visit to place your bids now!

Each of the 100 art pieces made from our celebrity participants jeans are being auctioned over 100 days (from 22nd July-30th October) and all proceeds donated to the International Rescue Committee.  The gala auction event will be at the end of the Saatchi gallery exhibition when bidding will close.  For more information please contact For more information about Catawiki please contact

JFR Around the world

Thanks to all supporters that are inviting us to showcase ‘Jeans for Refugees’ before our final exhibition…helping us to promote the project and spread the word about the cause… coming together to collaborate and make a difference… helping each other to take action for positive change… #YourSupportMeansTheWorld

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Ever seen the news and felt helpless, sad or angry about why things are the way they are? You are not alone!

And our mission is to make sure that neither are the millions of refugees who are homeless, hungry and suffering the effects of war and destruction.

‘Jeans for Refugees’  is an extraordinary and diverse collaboration of people and organisations who are each contributing what they can to make a difference where it is needed. Whether it is a pair of jeans, graphic skills, marketing experience, monetary support, social media networking, or simply spreading the word about the project – everyone can help to create change.

This is an opportunity, a call to action, a chance to offer your skills, resources, time, talents and belief that a better world is possible, and that together we can make it happen.

Our goal is to make sure that every contribution goes as far as possible towards generating as much awareness and funds for the current refugee situation as possible, and that all contributions, with the help of the International Rescue Committee, go towards practical effective ways of taking care of people – people just like us – who deserve to live on this planet in safety, stability and peace.

War is the result of separation. Togetherness is the solution! Come and join Jeans for Refugees, and lets take care of humanity together, and bring on a better world for our children.

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It’s time to bring it back to the rainbow. Come and join the ‘Jeans for Refugees’ experience, and let’s realise a brighter world, together.

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